GLOBAL MONEY - G$ - Global - GBL
GLOBAL DIVIDEND - Universal Basic Capital Income
Global Money (Global, GBL, G$), with ballast in enterprise shares issued for expansion of production capacity and/or reduction of idle capacity, liquid at book value, collateral in liquid tangible assets, distributing 100% of profits as monthly dividends with target of 20% liquid average annualized margin over cost. Shares are deposited in Funds of Individual Investment and Social Security (FIS) of United Nations and Globocean citizens, generating an Universal Basic Capital Income and monthly GLOBAL DIVIDEND, to assure a basic standard of living for all humanity.

G$ Globals are a superior counting unit, reserve of value and transaction means than the American Dollar or any other national traditional currency, based on emission with ballast in not necessarily productive government and commercial bank debt. Global issuing generate non inflationary growth linking expansion of supply, income and demand for products and services. G$ Globals favor equal democratic accumulation of wealth with cause, without damages and without taxation.
1 G$ = 1 US$