GHOs (Global Holding Offers), including strategic infra-structure, for active investor-entrepreneurs citizens-residents of the United Nations, Globocean - United Lands - Solar Federation.,,,,,,,,, (Campus), (Gcities) etc.

GHOs can be sold to Investors and/or to Central Banks with currencies with ballast in enterprise shares with collateral in production expansion assets and paying dividends to citizens, as G$ Globals.

Enterprises can expand with Global Productive Currency (G$ Global), Global Holding Offer (GHO), Global Holdings and National Subsidiaries Share Swap (SWAP), Judicial Administrative Take Over (JATO), Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), Merger Acquisition Restructuring Offer (MARO), Proxy Administration Take Over (PATO) and national/foreign Initial Public Offers (IPO)(ADR Dollar New York, BDR Real São Paulo, EDR Euro Frankfurt or Global Depositary Receipts GDR US/Brazil/Europe/ Japan/Australia/South Africa, New York/ Frankfurt/ Sao Paulo/ Tokyo / Sydney/ Johannesburg). 100% collateral in cash/production assets, all profit distribution as daily dividend and book value price liquidity.

Enterprises are a Global Direct Democracy of Entrepreneurs (GDDE) where all economic agent participants are active investing entrepreneurs (50% Intellectual asset shares, 50% collateralized Financial/Physical asset shares). In addition to negotiable monetary/physical asset, Active Investor-Shares and non-negotiable Worker-Intellectual-Functional shares, there can be non-negotiable Citizen-Shares, Supplier-Shares, Consumer-Shares, paying daily dividends to engage agents, while they are participating, while returning shares if they no longer economic agents of the enterprise.

Buy/Sell shares directly between Active Investors and Global Enterprises using innovative institutional and infrastructure technology from Globocean ( and Sandaero (


25% Financial Assets (money, shares and bonds: diversified portfolio of income securities of established profitable enterprises to cover fixed costs, guarantee sustainability and minimum profitability) with cash funds deposited in a restricted account monitored for approved asset acquisitions (financial revenues must always cover fixed costs and always generate minimum profit and dividends);

25% Physical Operating Assets (real estate, equipment and materials: permanent liquid assets that sustain value); Physical/Financial Assets are a 100% collateral guarantee to Physical/Financial shareholders and cannot serve as collateral to debt/bond; controlling shareholders can only issue debt/bonds using their shares as collateral guarantee.

50% Intellectual Assets (5% Founder-inventor, 5% Founder-innovator and 40% to Intellectual Investors in shifts of 3-6 hours, 24 hours, 7 days a week, receiving non-negotiable functional shares linked to the exercise of organizational function);

40% gross profit/surplus with 5% of revenues for Research, 5% for Marketing, 5% for Administration, 5% for mobile/immobile property use (land, space, equipment) overhead. 20% net profit/surplus margin for intellectual, monetary, physical capital investors.


Global Holding and subsidiaries swap up to 50% of shares including continental subsidiaries: America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Market territory consisting of land national cities and corresponding Globocean Gcities in economic international waters, aerospace and land: Ocity (oceanic city, 400 km offshore to 1 km if/when nation is a Globocean member), Acity (aerial city, 40km altitude to 1 km if/when nation is a Globocean member), Scity (space city 40k km altitude, geostationary), Tcity (terrestrial city, on-shore in international aqua-aeroports with aqua-aerocraft with Globocean flag, zero tax/law/labor National Special Economic Zone, if/when nation is a Globocean member, or in international land as Antarctica, or parking in vast uninhabited national lands, as forests, mountains, deserts, rivers and lakes).


Financial and operational income must be 100% distributed as daily dividends to shareholders and reinvested, by individual authorization of active investors, based on reinvestment plan with itemized expenses, executed with a restricted account monitored for approved asset acquisitions.


Non-functional market shares are traded at asset book value by Fund of Investment in Liquidity (5% to 25% reserve from Active Investors shares) and Globolsa Global Fund (5% to 25% of the Funds of Investment in Liquidity).


Pre-selling products/services using Globolsa Global escrow money/card (G$ Globals or national currency) is an additional way to finance the acquisition of operational, financial and intellectual assets to expand production capacity and fulfill demand.


Active-Investors vote via Internet for Investment and Dividend Reinvestment Plans; Executive Officers and Board Members (CEO - Chief Executive Officer, CFO - Chief Financial Officer, CMO - Chief Marketing Officer and CTO - Chief Technology Officer); Administration Board President/Chairman; Additional Board members: Intellectual Investor (representative of Intellectual asset non-negotiable shares);

Founder-Entrepreneur (Founder Inventor/Innovator, contributor of main intellectual assets, receive Golden Share with veto power over sustainability, vision, strategy and profitability, including vetoing inefficient CEO);

Majority Investor (majority contributor of operational/financial assets, receiving Golden Share with veto power over sustainability and profitability, including vetoing inefficient CEO); Minority investor (representing minority contributors to operational/financial assets);

Independent Inspector of Administration Efficiency and Transparency (certified agent of the Direct Global Judicial System,, to make sure that administration is non-abusive and non-damaging, maintaining supporting digital documents, understandable to any investor, always available online for all active investors).

Board members, CEOs, CTOs, CMOs and CFOs can work 3, 4 and/or 6 hour on-line shifts in a 24 hour global work schedule. They receive Functional Shares (non-negotiable tied to the work function) for their intellectual capital and receive daily dividends from 100% profit distribution which they may reinvest in negotiable Market Shares that have book-value buy back rights.

Functional Shares for Intellectual Capital (50%) with 5% Founder-inventor and Inventor board members (theoretical creativity), 5% Founder-innovator and Innovator board members (practical creativity), 10% CEOs and subordinates, 10% CTOs and subordinates, 10% CMOs and subordinates and 10% CFOs and subordinates (8 execs/techs working full time can also easily start/join a start-up on a 3 hour on line, 24 hour global work schedule with no capital).

Market Shares for Physical and Financial Capital (50%) with 50% invested in shares/bonds from companies with revenues/profits, 25% invested in value/holding liquid assets for production of Cash Bull products/services (high future growth/long term market), 25% invested in value/holding liquid assets for production of Cash Cow products/services (commodity/current/short term market).

There are negotiable monetary/physical asset Active Investor-Shares and non-negotiable Worker-Shares (Intellectual-Functional), Citizen-Shares, Supplier-Shares, Consumer-Shares, paying daily dividends while they are participating economic agents, returning shares if they no longer are economic agents of the enterprise. The enterprise Global Holding can have also a Continental Holding, National Holding, Regional Holding and Local/Municipal Subsidiaries (Holding with 55% shares, Local Investors 45%), Franchisees (Holding supplying technology and brand/marketing 25%, Local Administrators 75%) or Licensee (Holding supplying technology 5%, Local Administrators with their own Brand/Marketing 95%).

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