GATO (Global Administration Take Over), including strategic infra-structure, for active investor-entrepreneurs citizens-residents of the United Nations, Globocean - United Lands - Solar Federation.,,,,,,,,, (Campus), (Gcities) etc.

GATO (Global Administration Take Over), global/continental holding over national/regional/municipal subsidiaries, with shares sold to Active Investors-Entrepreneurs and/or to Globolsa/Central Banks with currencies with ballast in enterprise shares with collateral in production expansion assets and paying dividends to citizens, as G$ Globals. JATO (Judicial Administration Take Over), MATO (Market Administration Take Over) and/or PATO (Political Administration Take Over) can be used to take control from inefficient/damaging controlling executives and shareholders.

Enterprises can expand with Global Productive Currency (G$ Global), Global Administration Take Over (GATO) of Global Holdings and National Initial Public Offers (IPO)(ADR Dollar New York, BDR Real São Paulo, EDR Euro Frankfurt or Global Depositary Receipts GDR US/Brazil/Europe/ Japan/Australia/South Africa, New York/ Frankfurt/ Sao Paulo/ Tokyo / Sydney/ Johannesburg). 100% collateral in cash/production assets, all profit distribution as daily dividend and book value price liquidity.

Enterprises are a Global Direct Democracy of Entrepreneurs (GDDE) where all economic agent participants are active investing entrepreneurs (50% Intellectual asset shares, 50% collateralized Financial/Physical asset shares). In addition to negotiable monetary/physical asset, Active Investor-Shares and non-negotiable Worker-Intellectual-Functional shares, there can be non-negotiable Citizen-Shares, Supplier-Shares, Consumer-Shares, paying daily dividends to engage agents, while they are participating, while returning shares if they no longer economic agents of the enterprise.

Buy/Sell shares directly between Active Investors and Global Enterprises using innovative institutional and infrastructure technology from Globocean ( and Sandaero (


25% Financial Assets (money, shares and bonds: diversified portfolio of income securities of established profitable enterprises to cover fixed costs, guarantee sustainability and minimum profitability) with cash funds deposited in a restricted account monitored for approved asset acquisitions (financial revenues must always cover fixed costs and always generate minimum profit and dividends);

25% Physical Operating Assets (real estate, equipment and materials: permanent liquid assets that sustain value); Physical/Financial Assets are a 100% collateral guarantee to Physical/Financial shareholders and cannot serve as collateral to debt/bond; controlling shareholders can only issue debt/bonds using their shares as collateral guarantee.

50% Intellectual Assets (5% Founder-inventor, 5% Founder-innovator and 40% to Intellectual Investors in shifts of 3-6 hours, 24 hours, 7 days a week, receiving non-negotiable functional shares linked to the exercise of organizational function);

40% gross profit/surplus with 5% of revenues for Research, 5% for Marketing, 5% for Administration, 5% for mobile/immobile property use (land, space, equipment) overhead. 20% net profit/surplus margin for intellectual, monetary, physical capital investors.


Global Holding and subsidiaries swap up to 50% of shares including continental subsidiaries: America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Market territory consisting of land national cities and corresponding Globocean Gcities in economic international waters, aerospace and land: Ocity (oceanic city, 400 km offshore to 1 km if/when nation is a Globocean member), Acity (aerial city, 40km altitude to 1 km if/when nation is a Globocean member), Scity (space city 40k km altitude, geostationary), Tcity (terrestrial city, on-shore in international aqua-aeroports with aqua-aerocraft with Globocean flag, zero tax/law/labor National Special Economic Zone, if/when nation is a Globocean member, or in international land as Antarctica, or parking in vast uninhabited national lands, as forests, mountains, deserts, rivers and lakes).


Financial and operational income must be 100% distributed as daily dividends to shareholders and reinvested, by individual authorization of active investors, based on reinvestment plan with itemized expenses, executed with a restricted account monitored for approved asset acquisitions.


Non-functional market shares are traded at asset book value by Fund of Investment in Liquidity (5% to 25% reserve from Active Investors shares) and Globolsa Global Fund (5% to 25% of the Funds of Investment in Liquidity).


Pre-selling products/services using Globolsa Global escrow money/card (G$ Globals or national currency) is an additional way to finance the acquisition of operational, financial and intellectual assets to expand production capacity and fulfill demand.


Active-Investors vote via Internet for Investment and Dividend Reinvestment Plans; Executive Officers and Board Members (CEO - Chief Executive Officer, CFO - Chief Financial Officer, CMO - Chief Marketing Officer and CTO - Chief Technology Officer); Administration Board President/Chairman; Additional Board members: Intellectual Investor (representative of Intellectual asset non-negotiable shares);

Founder-Entrepreneur (Founder Inventor/Innovator, contributor of main intellectual assets, receive Golden Share with veto power over sustainability, vision, strategy and profitability, including vetoing inefficient CEO);

Majority Investor (majority contributor of operational/financial assets, receiving Golden Share with veto power over sustainability and profitability, including vetoing inefficient CEO); Minority investor (representing minority contributors to operational/financial assets);

Independent Inspector of Administration Efficiency and Transparency (certified agent of the Direct Global Judicial System,, to make sure that administration is non-abusive and non-damaging, maintaining supporting digital documents, understandable to any investor, always available online for all active investors).

Board members, CEOs, CTOs, CMOs and CFOs can work 3, 4 and/or 6 hour on-line shifts in a 24 hour global work schedule. They receive Functional Shares (non-negotiable tied to the work function) for their intellectual capital and receive daily dividends from 100% profit distribution which they may reinvest in negotiable Market Shares that have book-value buy back rights.

Functional Shares for Intellectual Capital (50%) with 5% Founder-inventor and Inventor board members (theoretical creativity), 5% Founder-innovator and Innovator board members (practical creativity), 10% CEOs and subordinates, 10% CTOs and subordinates, 10% CMOs and subordinates and 10% CFOs and subordinates (8 execs/techs working full time can also easily start/join a start-up on a 3 hour on line, 24 hour global work schedule with no capital).

Market Shares for Physical and Financial Capital (50%) with 50% invested in shares/bonds from companies with revenues/profits, 25% invested in value/holding liquid assets for production of Cash Bull products/services (high future growth/long term market), 25% invested in value/holding liquid assets for production of Cash Cow products/services (commodity/current/short term market).

There are negotiable monetary/physical asset Active Investor-Shares and non-negotiable Worker-Shares (Intellectual-Functional), Citizen-Shares, Supplier-Shares, Consumer-Shares, paying daily dividends while they are participating economic agents, returning shares if they no longer are economic agents of the enterprise. The enterprise Global Holding can have also a Continental Holding, National Holding, Regional Holding and Local/Municipal Subsidiaries (Holding with 55% shares, Local Investors 45%), Brand and Technology Licensee (Holding supplying technology and brand/marketing 25%, Local Administrators 75%) or Technology Licensee (Holding supplying technology 5%, Local Administrators with their own Brand/Marketing 95%).

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