Fund of Investments in Reestructuring for the formation of more efficient Global Holding enterprises with GATO (Global Administration Take Over).

Participation of 5% and Golden Share for institutional and infrastructure technology of Globolsa, Globocean, Sandaero, Mesistem e Jusistem.

Equal Global Holding offer and investment in production capacity in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania (Pacific/Indic Insular nations).

Acquisitions have better alignment with consumers, investors, suppliers, citizens and workers interests than the separate components.

Consolidates enterprises with the same visionary efficient founder or enterprises no longer run by visionary efficient founders.

Swaps shares of Global Holding Enterprises for proxys/shares of national/sectoral subsidiaries and/or money. America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania equal offers.

Offer is valid only to Active Investors that are global citizens of the United Nations (UN) and Global Ocean Aerospace National Federation.

All investments are 100% collateralized by productive assets, with 100% of profits distributed as daily dividends.

Debts over 2 years collateralized by productive assets at market value will be converted into shares.

Employment contracts are converted into Intellectual Property contracts, receiving non-negotiable functional shares with daily dividends.

Reinvested Anticipated Dividends equity line are given to investors holding shares with market value above book value, converted to shares with collateral asset.

Judicial Administrative Take Over of organizations with systemic inneficient, illegal, unconstitutional, unstatutory administrative acts/decisions/results.
Global Administration Take Over