Fund of Individual Investment and Social Security (FIS) guarantees a basic standard of living for all citizens. FIS allows zeroing poverty (Universal Capital Income with basic direct income and equity from enterprise dividends and stock), zeroing taxation (direct executive coordinates business initiatives for social demands not met by the market), zeroing legislation (open direct judiciary with proof of damage, premeditation and danger to obtain compensation, fine and house arrest) and zeroing labor contracts (shares of direct intellectual capital with daily dividends replacing wages). Taxation can only be temporary to achieve constitutional income/wealth/opportunity citizen equality. Tax, currency, public organization and property must be invested/incorporated to PAY DIVIDENDS to citizens:

1) All taxes of any kind must be invested in the underwriting of enterprise shares to expand productive capacity, buying durable assets kept as collateral for the investment, with shares deposited in Individual Investment and Social Security Funds of all citizens, that will receive 100% of the profit as daily dividends.
2) All public organizations and assets should be incorporated into self-financed organizations with the sale of products and services at affordable value (cost + 20% and/or cross subsidy of differentiated products/services), with shares deposited in the FIS, paying daily dividends of distribution of all profits/surplus.
3) Monetary expansion by the subscription of shares to expand productive capacity, with shares deposited in the FIS, equalizing supply and demand, maintaining inflation below 5% and growth above 10%.
4) All illicit enrichment money recovered must be invested in the subscription of shares to expand productive capacity and shares deposited in the FIS.

The shares cannot be traded, with FIS being funds for life. Poverty zeroed, public debt is zeroed, taxation is zeroed and corruption is zeroed. The capital and income are democratized, guaranteeing growth with sustainable aggregate demand by income distribution.

It is always necessary to distribute income to expand consumption to buy what has been produced with the expanded investment. There is no public money to steal if there is no income tax confiscation, zeroing corruption, taxation and poverty.